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Situated on the lip of the mighty southern African Escarpment, where the continent falls to the Indian Ocean, 2 and half hours from JHB/PTA. Between Machadodorp and Badplaas, the Num-num explores some of the most dramatic landscapes in the world. This trail takes you through ancient land where the San hunted through secret valleys with waterfalls and crystal pools to the summit of the Skurwerand with views over the Komati valley all the way to the peaks of the Swazi Kingdom.

The circular trail is in total 40km with daily hikes of between 7 and 9 km between camps that cater for a maximum of 20 hikers. This trail Starts and ends at the Pongola Express Base Camp with magnificently restored 1934 SAR carriages.

All camp's kitchens are semi equipped: all cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils are provided.

- DAY 1 "DIE BERGBAS ROETE": 7.4 km trail takes you up 400 meters in easy stages from the Schoonspruit valley past timeless old kraals, till you reach the heights where you find Jackal-coffee trees at the God's Window camp nestled among the strange rock formations of the Skurwerand.

- DAY 2 "THE BLADDERNUT TRACK": This spectacular 9.4 km hike traverses the mighty Skurwerand then plunges into the Bankspruit gorge passing a spectacular variety of different environments from Grasslands with game through canyon forests and past sparkling pools and falls and ancient human settlements, along the road built by Boers fleeing the British and ascending to the Bermanzi camp with its vast view over the Komati Valley.

- DAY 3 "THE MILKPLUM PATH": A relatively easy 6 km walk, giving the hiker plenty of opportunity to enjoy the swimming pools, getting to the foot of the mighty Uitkomst Falls (one of the highest falls in Mpumalanga.) The trail then follows a gorge and ends at the Candlewood camp with stunning views of the falls.

- DAY 4 "THE POM-PON WAY": The 7.2 km Pom-pon way skirts the very edge of the escarpment before plunging down an indigenous forest valley into the Schoonspruit Valley past yellow bark and fern forests. The hiker gets to explore some of the fascinating crevasses and gullies that have been worn into the escarpment by the millennia ending at the charming Wathaba camp on the banks of the Schoonspruit River.

- DAY 5 "DIE KOKO BOOM PAD": The last day 8.9 km follows the Schoonspruit past stunning waterfalls and cascades to the Mac falls. The trail criss-crosses the river undulating up the hill to view points that will be the last wonderful memories the trail will leave with every hiker.

** 3 - 4 Day option also available

R220.00 p/p/p/n. (all ages)
Not recommended for children under the age of 10.
Slack Pack can be arranged.

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