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Hiking Trails: Overnight and Backpacking

The longer 3 - 4 day trails in the Kingdom Nature Reserve is known as the Olifant's Gorge Trails and includes Kingdom, Slagthoek, Klip Camp and Grootdraai Camp.

Accommodating 14 - 20 hikers. Experience the confluence of Wilge and Olifants rivers. Hikers will have to cross the river a few times. Pristine wilderness, mountainous, deep gorges and ravines, stunning views. More than 28 species of game and over 200 bird species to be seen. This trial is not recommended for beginners. Extremely difficult, there are several river crossings and are for the more experienced and adventurous hiker, it can be used as prep for the bigger Otter and Fish River trails!

Different trail options, hikers can plan their own trail according to fitness level. The most popular and suggested 3 - 4 day hike will give all hikers a "good run for their money".

3 - 4 Day Back Pack Option:
From Slagthoek base camp (park) and back to Slagthoek after 3 or 4 days.
Slagthoek to Grootdraai (8 or 12km).
Grootdraai to Kingdom (10/12 or 17km).
Kingdom to Klipkamp (8km) or Kingdom to Slagthoek (12km).
4th Day Options:
Slagthoek to Kingdom (10/14km). Kingdom to Klipkamp (10km).

All trails are clearly marked and signposted. GPS Co-ordinates available on the trail map. Highly recommended for the preparation for the Otter or Fish River Canyon Trails. Come test your fitness level and your gear at Olifant's Gorge Trails!

KINGDOM: (Boekenhout, Papierbas, Bosvark) R200 pppn U/12 R150 pn
KINGDOM: (Slangarend, Visarend) R220 pppn U/12 R170 pn
SLAGTHOEK: R200 pppn U/12 R150 pn
KLIPKAMP: R200 pppn U/12 R150 pn
GROOTDRAAI: R180 pppn U/12 R120 pn
NB: ONE night bookings - Rate + Day Fee (eg R200 + R120 = R320)

  Kingdom Camp  

  Slagthoek Camp  

  Grootdraai Camp  

  Klip Camp  

  Veld and River  

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