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Region: Northern Cape West Coast - Namaqua National Reserve
Trail Type: Guided Trails - 2 days for travelling and 4 days hiking
Layout: Along the beach
Difficulty: Moderate Hike
Distance: 55km Guided

Maximum: 14 persons / Minimum: 6 persons

Day One 16km
Day Two 18km
Day Three 14km
Day four - Explore Hondeklipbaai

This is a beautiful setting along the diamond coast of Namaqualand. The trail situated in the Namaqua National Reserve offers you a variety of wild life, bird and whale watching and a spectacular view of the flowers during the season.

The trail runs along the edge of the cold Atlantic Ocean and meanders through the dunes past "Policemen's Helmet". The misty air from the ocean added to the forbidden and dry Namib Desert has created a biological miracle the Nama Succulent Biosphere. After spending some time at the seal colony and depending on the season, we spend a leisurely day walking along this unspoiled and undeveloped coast with some of the most beautiful kaleidoscope of flowers in season.


DAY 1 - (Dinner included) You travel from Cape Town on the N7 (520 km) towards Garies Namqua Silversands will meet you there. Fully detailed map is available if you prefer travelling to the camp site (for this you require a 4x4 vehicle).

DAY 2 - (Breakfast, lunch & Dinner included) Breakfast at 7h00. Transit from Base Camp to Spoegriver Caves (35 km). 15 km moderate hike to The Dunes. Transit from The Dunes back to Base Camp

DAY 3 - (Breakfast, lunch & Dinner included) Breakfast at 7h00. 17 km moderate hike from Base Camp to The Dunes. Transit from The Dunes to Maclear's beacon. Transit back to Base Camp.

DAY 4 - (Breakfast, lunch & Dinner included) Breakfast at 7h00. Transit from Base Camp to drop off point at Jaarsebaai, (14 km) moderate hike back to Base Camp.

DAY 5 - (Breakfast, lunch & Dinner included) Breakfast at 7h00. Transit from Base Camp to Hondeklip Bay. Explore the town and some interesting wrecks in the area on foot (8 km of moderate hiking). Have lunch in the local restaurant. Transit back to Base Camp.

DAY 6 - (Breakfast & Lunch included) Breakfast at 7h00. Transit from Base Camp to Lutzville, where we will have a wine tasting and lunch. Depart 14h00 back to Cape Town / home.


BEDDING: Bring own sleeping bag and pillow. We supply camping mattress and a Canvas tent accommodating 2 people. Evenings very cold.

WATER: We supply drinking water and water for the showers.

SNACKS: You are more than welcome to supply additional snack for personal use.

DAY PACKS: Bring your own day pack, water bottles, sunscreen, hat, wind breaker, binoculars and appropriate hiking shoes.

BEVERAGES: We supply you with limited beers, house wines (dry red and dry white wine), juice, coffee, tea and water. If you prefer something else, you are welcome to bring it.

MONEY: Bring some extra spending cash for souvenirs, tips and additional treats.

ACCOMMODATION: We supply you with 2-men Canvas Tents, a communal tent and basic toilet and shower facilities.

1. Full catering includes breakfast, lunch & dinner, wine, beer, water and fruit juice
2. Warm water for showering & eco-friendly toilets
3. Hikes will be guided
4. All transportation to and from Cape Town Airport and during the hike is included

COSTS: R5100 per person

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